After the Great Turkish War of 1683 - 1699, the Ottomans built a small mosque in the ruined Parthenon using salvaged materials from Parthenon itself. This was after it was catastrophically damaged by a gunpowder explosion in 1687.

Here are two depictions of the mosque inside the Parthenon and then one without it:

Early 1830's enter image description here Peytier - Mosque in the Parthenon


enter image description here
Engraving of the first photograph of the Parthenon. Daguerreotype photograph taken by Pierre-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière in October, 1839. Engraved by Frédéric Martens. Published in Excursions daguerriennes by Noël Paymal Lerebours in 1841.

1848 - the Mosque now does not appear:

enter image description here photo taken from this forum

So my question is, when was the Mosque inside the parthenon actually demolished? Do we have a date for it?

Also a bonus question, do we know if the original photo taken by Pierre-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière in October, 1839 still exists? or has that since been lost?


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There were actually two mosques built within the Parthenon, the first was mostly destroyed when the explosion took place in 1687. The second mosque, which you are referring to is discussed in The Parthenon: From Antiquity to the Present, by Jenifer Neils. On page 324 it is stated that the small mosque had been damaged in sieges in 1821, 1826, and was finally

...removed in 1843 following the Greek War of Independence and the beginning of modern archeological activity on the Acropolis.

This coincides with what is mentioned in wikipedi on Independent Greece:

When independent Greece gained control of Athens in 1832, the visible section of the minaret was demolished; only its base and spiral staircase up to the level of the architrave remain intact.[103] Soon all the medieval and Ottoman buildings on the Acropolis were destroyed.

(emphasis mine)

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