In 1832, William Hartnell convened a posse of fifty immigrants to "help keep the peace" in California (according to "The Lives of William Hartnell" by Dakin). The group was called "La Compañía Extranjera" (The Foreign Company). Who were the fifty members of the Compañía?

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The company members are listed in Bancroft's History of California III:221 as:

Wm E. Hartnell, Thos Coulter, Juan B. Leandry, Geo. Kinlock, J. B. R. Cooper, José Amesti, Luis Pombert, Samuel Mead, Wm McCarty, John Thompson, Jas Cook, Wm Johnson, Wm Gralbatch, Juan D. Bravo, Timothy Murphy, Wm Taylor, James Watson, John Rainsford, John Gorman, Chas Roe, Henry Bee, R. S. Barker, Edward Watson, John Miles, Joseph Dixon, John Roper, Guy F. Fling, John Burns, J. L. Vignes, D. Douglas, Nathan Spear, Santiago Mclvinley, Estévan Munras, José Iglesias, Walter Duckworth, Thos Raymore, John Roach, Thos Doak, David Littlejohn, Wm Garner, Pierre J. Chevrette, Chas R. Smith, Wm Webb, Daniel Ferguson

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