I once heard or read the name of the military operation used at the end of WW-II to bring all of the US troops of the several service branches back to US soil. I have forgotten the name of the operation and would like to learn more about it. As I recall the operation was started right after Nagasaki when Japanese surrender was imminent. In the article or show I am thinking of, it was explained that troops were brought home piecemeal in whatever conveyance was available. E.g. Army troops were given passage on US-bound Navy ships, merchant marine ships, oilers, etc. Others came back in small groups on US-bound aircraft in partial legs of their complete homeward journey, or across the US to their home towns in a similar manner.

Does anyone know the name of this operation and where I can learn more about it?

  • John Dallman, et al: Yes, that would have been real easy had I known the term "demobilization". Please accept my apologies for being so dumb. – FiddyOhm Feb 2 '17 at 11:53

This was Operation Magic Carpet. The Wikipedia article explains it, and has a link to the more general article on demobilisation of US forces after WWII.

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