The 13th century Hindu philosopher Vedanta Desikan, in this excerpt from his work the Rahasyatraya Sara, describes how the god Vishnu in his incarnations pretends to be distressed out of playfulness and compassion:

Therefore in the stories of the avataras or incarnations, the distress is only of the nature of play-acting and that, too, has compassion as its cause. It is of the nature of lila or sport to the Omnipotent [Vishnu]. Have we not seen hunchbacks and dwarfs often taken into protection by kings who do not expect any return from them? It is a matter of lila or play to them and, at the same time, the consequence of compassion.

My question is, how common was it in ancient India for kings to take care of midget? The passage makes it sound that kings would do it in playfulness, perhaps in their free time when they didn't have to worry about royal duties.

Are there any other ancient Indian sources that describe kings taking care of midgets?

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