I've been gifted this vase that is obviously made out of a large shell casing. It has 'MARZ 1917' stamped on the bottom, plus other less understandable markings: 'St', 'G', '36', 'HL 25'. I'm attaching a photo, of course.

The diameter of the largest part at the bottom is 90 mm, i don't have a caliper but by measuring the 'lip' i think the actual tube is 80-82 mm wide at the bottom and 76-77 mm at the top (it's been deformed by the beautification process).

It's not a matter of life and death, but it would be fun if someone could shed more light on what those markings say.

Thank you!

Bottom with markings

Side view


What you have is a casing from a 77mm German field artillery piece, possibly like this: enter image description here Some of the stamps:

  • St: Strengthened case
  • HL: Haniel Luege Düsseldorf (brass factory)
  • 25: Inspection Mark

not sure yet on the G(may indicate maker Geschossfabrik), and 36 may be lot number. Marz 1917, of course, would be the date.

some sites to look:

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  • That will lead to another evening of reading references for fun. Thank you! – Torp Apr 27 '17 at 16:08

Just adding a little detail, it is MÄRZ 1917 (A with umlaut), the two dots over the A are a part of the text and not an accident.

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