Who had a higher chances of survival, men or women ? Is there a good source for statistical observations of the survivals?

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    Note survival is a complex issue: people were not only killed in camps, but also random raids / pogroms by nazi sympathizers, police or military. People also died in ghettos or camps because of the lack of basic needs (food, hygiene, medical services). In places like Hungary, Jewish males were drafted in the army to non-fighting roles, then killed in the collapsing Eastern Front. Accurate statistics would assume reliable data on all these aspect.
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    Apr 29, 2017 at 0:47

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Probably not - and whatever you can find or generate yourself will probably suffer from Selection Bias.


Reliable statistics require comprehensive data collection.

You can probably find some data in DP camps archives - if they are publicly available. However, not every survivor went through a DP camp, and some went through several.

Another source is various survivor databases (see below). Alas, they contain data submitted by individual survivors or their relatives, so they are extremely incomplete both row-wise (missing individuals) and column-wise (missing data for people present in the DB). Also, the web interfaces allow searching for individuals but not downloading, so you will need to talk to the curators about access.


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