There seems to be some conflicting reports over whether or not the amount was cash or specie, and exactly how much of it was seized.

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    -1 until you name and quote from those "conflicting reports"
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The book Private and Official Correspondence of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler contains a copy of documents concerning the return, on sept 23 1862, of the material confiscated from the consul Amadie Conturie.

I have the honor to report that on the morning of Sept 23rd 1862 I delivered to Amadie Conturie of New Orleans Consul of the Netherlands at the Master s office in the Customhouse one hundred and sixty kegs marked H & C said to contain five thousand Mexican Silver Dollars each making the sum of Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars.

Also one tin box sealed marked Prean & Conturie containing valuable papers an inventory of which was taken there and then by said Conturie taking at the same time his acknowledgment for the coin endorsed on said communication and his receipt for the contents which I herewith transmit.

On the following day Sept 24th 1862 by your order I received from said Conturie a keg supposed to be one of said one hundred and sixty and weighing two hundred and eighty nine pounds 289 and gave him in exchange therefor an open keg containing Mexican Silver dollars which weighed Three Hundred Twelve and one half 312 pounds I have the honor to be
Very Respectfully Your obedient Servant P Haggerty Capt & ADC

and the reciept:

From Amadie Conturie Received New Orleans Sept 23rd 1862 of Capt P Haggerty ADC to Major General Butler and by direction of Brig Gen GF Shepley Military Governor of Louisiana One Hundred and Sixty kegs marked H & C and said to contain each Five Thousand Mexican Silver Dollars making in all Eight Hundred Thousand Mexican Dollars and one tin box containing valuable papers sealed Amadie Couturie

So it appears the amount was $800,000. Transported in 160 kegs,each containing 5000 Mexican Silver Dollars. It is not readily apparent what the last paragraph of the first letter is concerning, but may have been a correction of some sort.

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