If you were an upper deck passenger, could you have a cabin all to yourself, or would you have to have a roommate?

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    I have often wondered about the general quality of even the most luxurious accommodations on sea or land; I suspect by modern-day standards, luxury hotels and ship cabins would be shocking until well into the 20th century. I believe private baths were a rarity in US hotels, even in Manhattan in the early 1900s and before that they may have been non-existent. There was both custom and lack of technology that made luxuries of today hard to duplicate. Aboard ships, I am guessing hot running water might not have been present in the 19th century. – Jeff Jun 11 '17 at 9:44

Private rooms were not unheard of. According to a widely quoted news article from the Niles’ Weekly Register, the Washington, built in 1815-1816, had "three handsome private rooms".

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