In the Egyptian city of Amarna, archaeological expeditions have revealed numerous graves of people who appear to have worked very hard while being malnourished. One recent article on the subject says that Mary Shepperson said, "We hope that future DNA analysis of the bones might clarify the geographical origins of the North Tombs Cemetery skeletons." Have the DNA analysis results been published? If so, what are the findings?


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That article seems to be about the North Tombs cemetery, which was excavated as part of the Amarna Project in 2015. Like you, I'm really looking forward to the publication of the DNA data.

However, it's still a bit early to expect publication of all the details from the 2015 excavations. When they are available we should be able to read copies on the Amarna Project site, either on the publications page or the Northern Cemeteries page.

Just for information, annual reports from the South Cemetery excavations (including reports on the human bioarchaeology) are available for the years 2005-2013 on the South Tombs Cemetery page of the Amarna Project website. I don't remember seeing any DNA analysis from that site though.

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