Voltaire wrote a satirical account of the raid at which Hume himself was personally in attendance with General St Clair. However, it is difficult to find out if Voltaire was actually an eyewitness also, or if his accounts were second hand.

Some resources:

Meyer, Paul H. 1951. “Voltaire and Hume’s Descent on the Coast of Brittany.” Modern Language Notes 66 (7): 429–35. doi:10.2307/2909982.

Raid on Lorient (Wikivisually)

Neither source mentions if Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) was present at the engagement, and it is difficult to find any mention of it in Voltaire's biographies available on line.

Further research (still no conclusion as yet):

From Chateau de Cirey

enter image description here (Source)

From the SEP

enter image description here (Source) enter image description here (Source)

From Ernest Mossner's The Life of David Hume

enter image description here (Source: Mossner, Ernest Campbell. 1980. The Life of David Hume. Oxford : Clarendon, 1980, p 201. )

Primary Sources and Older Commentaries

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Newer Sources/Commentaries

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enter image description here (Source: Cronk, Nicholas, and Cambridge University Press. 2009. The Cambridge Companion to Voltaire. Cambridge; New York; Cambridge University Press.)


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