Can somebody confirm that Tadija Sondermayer (founder of Aeroput, predecessor of Yugoslav Airlines - JAT) was member of this elite unit of French Air Force in WW1 ?

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    This is an interesting question, and I found some info on the subject, but "can somebody confirm" is not a good beginning for a question. Also, you would do well to add why exactly you are doubting what you've read on the wiki. Oct 16, 2017 at 11:16

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This page on the Escadrille 3 mentions Serbian lieutenant Vladislaw Sondermayer, and the photos which depict that pilot seem to be of the same man as the ones in the Serbian Wikipedia page on Tadija Sondermayer (actually, some of the photos are the same). But the Serbian page also says that Tadija had a brother named Vladislaw, and French sources never mention a pilot named Tadija in Escadrille 3, so I would say this is a case of mistaken identity by some sensation-seeking journalist.

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