Pablo Vicente de Solá was a Spanish military officer who served resisting the Hidalgo Revolt and then as the last Spanish governor of Alta California. [Nuttall: The Gobernantes of Spanish Upper California: A Profile]. He ended his Mexican political career by serving on the Committee for the Development of California [Reynolds: Principal Actions of the California Junta De Fomento 1825-1827]. He was thought to have died in 1826 [Johnson: Pablo Vicente de Solá: Transitional Governor of Alta California] but in Reynolds, his signature appeared on a Junta document from 1827.

Between 1827 and 1834 the Mexican government passed several laws mandating that Spaniards (gachupines) leave the country. It succeeded in expelling at least three quarters of the Mexicans of Spanish birth, particularly the military men and bureaucrats [Sims: The Expulsion of Mexico's Spaniards, 1821-1836].

Was Solá among those expelled?

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