Was there any plutonium at the plant at the time?

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Original Question: Was the Israeli Attack on the Osirak reactor Moral?

Was there any plutonium at the plant at the time?

Morality is subjective. Certainly from an Israeli perspective it was moral. Iraq was one of Israel's greatest existential threats in 1980. Any action to dissuade an agressive existential threat, who's demonstrated a proclivity for using military action first; from obtaining nuclear weapons can be broadly referred to as moral. As I remember at the time the American President Ronald Reagan criticized Israel for taking this action. His Vice President George Bush as I remember, on the eve of the first gulf war didn't share Reagan's feelings in 1990.

As for the nuclear site containing Plutonium. No it was a Uranium reactor, which would produce Plutonium only after operational. It's been said the Plutonium the plant was capable of producing was limited. Either way the Osirak reactor was not operational. It was feared that the Plant contained Uranium at the time of the attack. That was a fear of the Iranian government who was consulted by Israel prior to the attack(*). That's why Israel did not strike the dome itself but the control room and the reactor's cooling system.

wikipedia In a 2003 speech, Richard Wilson, a professor of physics at Harvard University who visually inspected the partially damaged reactor in December 1982, said that "to collect enough plutonium [for a nuclear weapon] using Osirak would've taken decades, not years".[36] In 2005, Wilson further commented in

(*) Israel representatives met with representatives of Iran in Paris a month before the attack and negotiated emergency landing rights for Israeli pilots involved in the attack if necessary. Iran had tried to hit the site itself prior to Israel but were unsuccessful. This was the first of ongoing discussions leading up to the attack.

source: wikipedia

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