I need to know who they are. There is no signature or mark on it. Thanks in advance.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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    Care to give a little more information on where these sculptures are from/where they are now? – Steve Bird Feb 27 '18 at 18:02
  • These look like consumer collectibles, judging from scale and glass display shelf. They could represent anything from Greek philosophers to Roman Emperors to mythological characters or Gods. (The foremost top resembles some representations of Aristotle) – justCal Feb 27 '18 at 19:35
  • These are indeed consumer collectibles, located in a store, nowhere special. – Igor Couto Feb 28 '18 at 16:43

I finally figured it out! They are a low quality reproduction of:

Aristotle (left)

Thales of Miletus (right)

Apollo (image below)

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