I came across the following image in an archive of photographs related to the 1962 Sino-Indian War:

enter image description here

I have posted a question for identification of the aircraft.

The text in the archive seems to suggest the photo depicts evacuation of Tibetan refugees by the USAF. However, the location of the photograph and the destination, is not stated.

Google search for "US evacuation tibet" and other combinations, do not yield any related results.

Google Image search for the image has also not yielded any positive results.


  • There seems to be a military person (wearing a beret and appearing to be dressed in uniform, slightly away from the lineup of the kids, and also holding a child) who appears to be of Indian origin and thus most probably Indian Army.
  • The source of the archive seems to suggest very strongly that the photograph was taken in India.

What is the history behind this photograph?

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I'd say, from the partial emblem on the front, that the aircraft was part of the USAF 322d Airlift Division (Combat Cargo) in 1962-3.

According to this article the "[322 Air Division] sent a squadron of C-130 Hercules to India just after the end of the 1962 hostilities with China".

To give credit where it's due, @TomMcW & @Gerry on the Aviation board got the right aircraft. It was assigned to the 40th Airlift Squadron which was part of the 332d AD. The 40th AS, sent 12 C130s to New Delhi, India to aid the Indian armed forces, where they served for a year.

  • I agree the emblem seems to indicate 322d Airlift Division...
    – Kanchu
    Commented Apr 14, 2018 at 19:38

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