In Abbreviatio chronicorum Angliae, the chronicler Matthew Paris (d. 1259) included drawings of the Norman and Plantagenet kings up to Henry III. The image below shows from L-R, top-bottom: Henry II, Richard I (‘the Lionheart’), John I (‘Lackland’) and Henry III

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Source: Matthew Paris and his Abbreviated Chronicle of England

Henry II and John are shown with buildings; these may be ones of which they were patrons of, as in the Historia Anglorum. Richard I has a sword and shield, which seems easy enough to explain. Henry III's 'object' is less clear, though. There seems to be some kind of chest on his lap.

What does Henry III have on his lap, and what is his connection with it?

Also, can anyone identify the buildings shown with Kings Henry II and John?

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    An educated guess is those are the church sacraments as in "The Bishop of London carried the sacraments and sang mass." – Schwern May 14 '18 at 3:00

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