These two French-speaking peoples of Canada are quite distinct, both in linguistic as well as historical terms. How did this difference arise? Did they arrive at different times to Canada? Do they originate from different regions of France? And why are their accents so different? References will be very much appreciated.

PS: I know enough about Canadian history to understand the different paths that the two groups took after the British expulsion of Acadians. It's more the separate origins of the two groups I'm interested in.

EDIT: Below are the references I have consulted. None of them clearly addressed my question.

  • The History of Canada by Scott W. See, Grey House Publishing, Inc., 2011
  • Various English Wikipedia articles on New France, Acadia, Quebec, History of Canada
  • Canada: A People's History (A 32-hour documentary produced by the CBC)
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    Hello Tfovid and welcome to History SE. It would help us to help you if you edit your question to include what sources you have checked so far. Also, have a look at the Help pages. – Lars Bosteen Aug 10 at 9:22
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    Thanks @LarsBosteen. Please let me know if the edit is good enough. – Tfovid Aug 10 at 17:02
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    My understanding is that most of the New France habitants came from Brittany and Normandy, while the Acadians mostly came from Aquitaine. Perhaps someone else can follow that up to verify. – Pieter Geerkens Aug 10 at 17:04

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