small round badge I’ve come across some German badges, medals & awards etc but I’m struggling to identify this one.

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According to the site unionemilitare.com, this is an



The site has a badge very similar to yours:

enter image description here

The site provides the following additional information:

Distintivo smaltato e numerato assegnato agli organizzatori del Convegno Nazionale Bande Cori Fisarmoniche Danzatori Popolari organizzato a Roma - p.zza di Siena - nel maggio del 1938 ( XVI E.F.) dall'O.N.D. (Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro) e dal P.N.F. Il distintivo fu realizzato in ottone e "smalto livellato" dalla ditta " Castelli Cerosa S.A." di Milano...

Translation: Enameled and numbered badge assigned to the organizers of the National Convention Bande Cori Accordion Folk Dancers organized in Rome - Piazza di Siena - in May 1938 (XVI EF) from the UN (National Opera Dopolavoro) and the PNF The badge was made of brass and "level glaze" from the company "Castelli Cerosa SA" of Milan

For the letters on the badge:

The performance took place on May 6th during a state visit to Italy by Hitler, starting May 3rd 1938 and lasting 6 days. In addition to choirs, there were 50 musical bands and 900 accordions.

enter image description here

La Corale Borghigiana was among those who performed on May 6th. Image source

Below is a copy of the program for the May 6th performance.

enter image description here

Image source: Archivio Centrale dello Stato

Confirming the meaning of Cri 114 (OPs picture) and D 174 is difficult. As there is also a badge B.A. 21 (see this forum in Italian for image), it is possible Cri = Cori (choirs), and D = Danzatore (dancers). The 'B' in B.A.21 is most likely 'Bande' while 'A' may possibly identify a particular band. However, I can find no solid evidence to confirm this.

Note: thanks to Tobia Tesan for the helpful comments

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    @MarkC.Wallace I've only found speculation on this so far, still trying to dig this up. Someone did contact the manufacturer about this but it appears they never got a reply. My guess is different groups of singers / performers were assigned different letters, with the numbers being for each individual in that group - but that's only a guess (so it stays as a comment for now). Sep 20, 2018 at 11:53
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    @LarsBosteen: Those numbering appear to be stamped subsequent to manufacture, as the characters are slightly mis-aligned. (The "4" above is crooked, and the 1 and 7 are off alignment.) My best guess is that they are seating assignments stamped by hand on the medals by the organizers after delivery. That would also explain why the manufacturer cannot answer the question. Sep 20, 2018 at 11:57
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    Another possibility: If the "D" is for Deutschland, the "ri" of "Cri" could stand for "Regno d'Italia", Italian for "Kingdom of Italy". I haven't figured out what the "C" would stand for in that case. Sep 20, 2018 at 12:05
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    @PieterGeerkens I'm thinking Cri = Cori, B.A. = Bande Accordion, D = Danzatore. Sep 20, 2018 at 12:29
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    @LarsBosteen: Ah! "Choir(s)", "Accordion Band", "Dancers". Very good. I love Google Translate Sep 20, 2018 at 12:37

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