Here in Canada we presently have the CUPW engaged in a strike which is disrupting mail delivery.

I talked to one of my friends in the US, and he was surprised to hear of a strike. Apparently they don't have strikes there for the mail service, or he's never heard of one happening.

1970s APWU Strike

I have been able to look up a major national strike in 1970, and I see the AUPW is providing some support for the CUPW strike, however I have been having trouble finding information on any other strikes.

AUPW supporting CUPW strike

I found this:

But unlike the UPS and Canada Post situation, federal law prohibits postal and federal employees from striking.

While the APWU technically states, “The APWU believes that the right to strike is an inalienable right of all American workers,” the impact of such an illegal work action could be disastrous in a political climate where the USPS is already under fire.3

I find it surprising if it's never happened in 48 years. Have there really not been any, or am I just failing to find them? I would have thought there'd be a nice list somewhere of USPS strikes?

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Yes, in 1978, for a five day wildcat. 125 workers were sacked. http://www.robinsonlibrary.com/social/industries/labor/disputes/78postal.htm


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