Father Ioann Veniaminov (Saint Innocent) was a Russian Orthodox priest who ministered in Russian America. Leaving Sitka, he recorded the following in his journal:

Tuesday, June 30, 1836. Having said the usual public prayer desired by sailors on such occasions, we boarded the ship, taking a sexton with us....

I'd like to identify this prayer. I did find an unattributed "Orthodox Prayer for Pilots, Sailors, and Those who Travel by Air or Sea", but if this is it, the title was updated in the 20th century to include air travel, and in some searching I did not find an analog in the Russian language. Another Orthodox site mentions "the simple yet eloquent prayer offered by every sailor who sets off to sea – 'Keep us, our God; for your ocean is so wide and our boat is so small.'" If every sailor said it, that's different from a prayer offered by a clergyman.

What was the "public prayer" that the sailors in Russian America wanted to hear?

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