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Bob Hope entertaining the troops in 1944. Source: Wikipedia


Multiple sources indicate that Bob Hope headlined 57 USO tours, including Wikipedia and Legacy's article on Bob Hope's USO, among others. I believe this is the record. However, I have been unable to verify this. Is there any documentation indicating anyone else having completed more than 57 USO tours, or can a source be found which indicates Bob Hope's 57 tours is the record?

Additional sources I have consulted:


I love this quote from Bob Hope in 1944 (as found on this Library of Congress exhibit):

Believe me when I say that laughter up at the front lines is a very precious thing—precious to those grand guys who are giving and taking the awful business that goes on there. . . . There’s a lump the size of Grant’s Tomb in your throat when they come up to you and shake your hand and mumble “Thanks.” Imagine those guys thanking me! Look what they’re doin’ for me. And for you. —Bob Hope, 1944

P.S. Bob - Thanks for the memories!

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    Strange that this is not better documented/easier to find. This even says: "he headlined approximately sixty tours". – LangLangC Dec 5 '18 at 0:55
  • A record for headlining would be much easier to establish than one for merely performing. – Aaron Brick Dec 5 '18 at 6:24
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    @AaronBrick I modified the title to indicate "headlined" - but originally I was looking for some unsung hero who may have toured (headlined or not) more than 57 times. Some B-lister or C-lister. I suspect 57 would be the record for headlining though even that has been extremely hard to verify (no sources found yet). However, perhaps the real question we should be asking here is: Did Bob Hope ever headline a USO tour... in Kamchatka? :-) – Kerry L Dec 6 '18 at 13:49
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    One is tempted to say Bob Hope has done the most tours but then I saw that Brooke Shields joined him on 27 tours - no idea how many she did with others, though. I think the only option for getting an answer is asking the USO directly. – Lars Bosteen Dec 6 '18 at 14:21
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    @LangLangC I was surprised as well - I thought perhaps my Google skills just needed a kick n the pants but there may be more info behind a paywall somewhere that I just don't have access to. Or perhaps in some book that isn't searchable online. – Kerry L Dec 6 '18 at 16:15

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