In the 1965 California legislative session, a joint resolution (chapter 132, No. 44) was passed imploring the president and congress to build an:

animal-proof fence from the Pacific Ocean to the Colorado River along the international boundary

(Pacific Ocean to the Colorado River is the entire California-Mexico border)

and insisting that:

There is existing legislation to authorize these agencies to erect fences along the United States-Mexican border

(There is also another joint resolution at chapter 27, number 5, asking for the fence, and specifying that the INS and Department of Agriculture have authority to build it.)

How did the president and congress respond to California's request for a border fence?

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    Was this really intended for rabid animals or was that just a cover? Aren't bats an important rabies vector -- that no fence could block. – AllInOne Jan 11 at 15:45

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