Medieval ransom taking was big- people were taken of all types of social standing for wide ranges of payments for their release- virtually a business. Did the business have agents who provide various services including taking care of the ransomed person and handling the payments?

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    This is tagged crime. Historically, ransom was what one did to prisoners as war, a condition of their release. – o.m. Jan 14 at 6:13
  • Which kind of captives? In Southern Europe there were some religious orders (like the Mercedarians) who collected donations to buy back into freedom Christians enslaved by the Muslims, and I have heard some vague references to the Muslims establishing a similar schema, but your link references the Hundred Years War. – SJuan76 Jan 14 at 9:24
  • What do you suggest I tag it with? It is a crime in one place and in the law in the other. – user2617804 Jan 14 at 9:24
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    There are "slavery", "prisoners-of-war" tags. You could also use tags to further limit the question ("Middle-Ages" includes up to a millenia in more than a continent), so tags like "Western Europe" or "Hundred Years Wars" might come in handy. – SJuan76 Jan 14 at 9:30

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