During the Age of Exploration (focusing on 17th century), England went and colonized the Americas, founding the original 13 colonies. They brought back many new wonders, namely, tobacco. I know that there has been a lot of usage of tobacco during the Age of Exploration, such as doctors prescribing tobacco for medicinal purposes, and people smoking it. Tobacco was widely used and was definitely a reason why the American colonies were successful. I'm curious as to how tobacco affected the colonizing nations economically.

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    This appears to broad to allow for a definitive answer. If you can narrow your inquiry that will both prevent the question from being closed as Too Broad, and help us to give you better answers. – Pieter Geerkens Jan 24 at 0:40
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    @PieterGeerkens Thank you for your comment, I have narrowed down my question so that it's only about England. – Mine Rockers Jan 24 at 0:42
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    @PieterGeerkens I've fixed the grammatical errors in my question and I've narrowed the period of primary interest down to 1 century. Thanks for your suggestions! – Mine Rockers Jan 24 at 0:49
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    Looks good now. Thank you for giving this prompt attention. – Pieter Geerkens Jan 24 at 0:54
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    @PieterGeerkens Fixed, sorry for not knowing enough about the period where the colonies were found, and thanks for your comment once again. – Mine Rockers Jan 24 at 0:55

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