I know the USO had the Stage Door canteen in NYC during the war, but were there other organizations that hosted dances/concerts at less permanent venues like at armories or community centers around the city? According to info from uso.org, they had Mobile USO services, but with the canteen, I don't know that they'd do that in NYC. So my question is, what other organizations provided entertainment for the troops and where in the city would it occur?

When I say entertainment, I mean canteen type activities (singer, band, performer), but at a larger venue.

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    It might be useful if you define the scope of the "entertainment" you're interested in. – Steve Bird Jan 31 at 10:03
  • Consider the The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club, since 1919 continues to fulfill its mission, as the only private organization in the New York area .See: ssmaclub.org. They put on a big clambake & beer shindig, with a dance, in 1967 when the USCG Eagle put into New York City. – Peter Diehr Jan 31 at 14:39

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