I am studying anthropology and I come across term called Chiefdom. I have heard terms like bands,tribes and state. I, however, have no idea what the term chiefdom is supposed to mean. What are key difference that separates a State from relatively primitive Chiefdom ? Do Chiefdoms issue coins and have a monetized economy?

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    Perhaps you could clarify your question to explain what you think is missing from, or unclear about, the Wikipedia articles on Chiefdoms and States? – sempaiscuba Feb 5 at 15:46
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    That is not the question in your title, nor is it the only question in the body of your question. You might want to edit your question to make it clear that is all you are asking. – sempaiscuba Feb 5 at 15:55
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    This question seems like it might belong on an English site? Everything in it is phrased present-tense. – T.E.D. Feb 5 at 16:41
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    Please review our help center; we ask that our questions not overlap with the answers provided by Wikipedia, and that they demonstrate prior research. The term "State" has, until recently, been used to refer to a Westphalian nation-state; it is the only one of the terms you list that normally issues currency. Chiefdoms, bands and tribes generally rely on pre-commercial economic systems. The topic is surprisingly interesting, but the question should probably be closed as too basic. – Mark C. Wallace Feb 5 at 17:07
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    There were states in Egypt and Iraq and other places before coins and monetary economies were invented. So the difference between chiefdoms and states must be different, and is probably a broad zone instead of a narrow line. – MAGolding Feb 5 at 18:29

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