During and before the war, WW2, sanctions were put on Germany. After WW2, Germany was helped by the Allies to reconstruct its economy, but were any sanctions put on Germany post-war? If so, what kind of sanctions and how did they affect different areas of Germany's economy (agriculture, military, etc.)?

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    Hi. What has your research shown you so far? You might be interested in this link... – Spencer Feb 25 at 0:31
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    You mean beyond being split into four pieces, occupied by the Allied armies, and not being allowed to reunite for fifty years? – Mark Olson Feb 25 at 1:26
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    @MarkOlson And also loosing roughly 1/4 of their territory. – Bregalad Feb 25 at 7:36
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    And not being allowed an army until the cold war kicked off and either side re-armed their sectors about ten years after the war. – DevSolar Feb 25 at 7:39