There were massive statistics collected during the late Russian Empire (1861-1917)-- the "Zemstvo Statistics." They are available on microform at Yale (http://www.library.yale.edu/slavic/microform/zemstvo.html). Have they been digitized? If not, is there some problem with the data which has made it difficult to digitize?

Thanks, JR

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That microform collection appears to be published by Brill. Their website says that the searchable CD-ROM index is available for free, and they also have a 60-page guide in PDF format free for download. The collection itself is extremely expensive, which explains why only a handful of top research libraries in the US and Europe seem to have it in their collections.

I do not see any evidence (in English, I don't know Russian) to suggest that a digital version of the actual collection itself is in the works, but I don't find this very surprising. Digitizing such a huge collection of data would expensive, and the target audience would be small.

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