Other artistic directions with the prefix neo- had some earlier predecessors. But I wasn't able to verify there was ever a direction called "plasticism".

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    I'm struggling to see how this is a history question when it's about artistic terminology. – KillingTime Mar 7 at 17:18
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    Wasn't 'neo-plasticism' just a term made up by Piet Mondrian to describe his own style of abstract painting? – sempaiscuba Mar 7 at 17:30
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    After reading up a bit, I don't think this is all of the answer, but as near as I can tell, its a translation from a Dutch phrase where the word "beelding" could also be translated as "art" or any of a number of specific visual arts (eg: "Painting", "sculpture", etc.) depending on context. So perhaps "Neoplasticism" just sounded like a cooler translation than "The New Art". – T.E.D. Mar 7 at 19:04
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    @KillingTime - Well, there's certainly a history behind the name choice. I'd say the best complaint you can level on that score its that the question should have the (art) historiography tag applied to it. – T.E.D. Mar 7 at 19:10

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