The current church of Villers-Bretonneux, Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Villers-Bretonneux was built after WWI. Before this was a church built in 1859; here is an historic photo. There was a church in Villers-Bretonneux before 1859. The earlier church was used e.g. in Cassini's triangulation of France (see p. 155).

Does anybody have some information (building time, drawing, position) of the pre-1859 church in Villers-Bretonneux?

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Well, I can't provide any specific location information, but following some of the listed sources from the wiki article leads to a page here which does contain a drawing titled Ancient Church of Villers-Bretonneux:

enter image description here

There is some more information there, and perhaps someone with better knowledge of French can figure the source of the image out.

(note some possible redirection type stuff going on at this web-page for me, so be careful if you click on anything)

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