I am trying to help someone. She has sent me a black & white photo. I think the battle dress is post WW2? And the man could be an officer? Ie the wearing of a tie. I just cannot work out the medal ribbon because of it being black and white also there seems to be a metal rosette attached to the medal. headshot of a man in uniform

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    Giter, the photograph was found in a house in Liverpool UK after an old lady passed away. The lady I am helping is also from Liverpool. The old lady never married but had a child a boy but he was taken away from her. She was originally from London and had to leave and move to Liverpool – Keith Hearn Mar 16 at 8:16
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    I now believe the medal the Africa Star with the number 8. The medal was issued during service whilst the remainder of WW2 medals were issued after the war? – Keith Hearn 2 days ago

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