When I was in school 20-odd years ago, historians were still unsure about whether or not the black death traveled through Sub-Saharan Africa to any large degree, in large part because the vector (merchant ships) didn't visit many Sub-Saharan African ports and historical records of the area during the Middle Ages were few and far between.

Now that we have a few more histories of individual Sub-Saharan African fiefdoms through the Middle Ages, has anything more been unearthed on whether the bubonic plague affected Sub-Saharan Africa to any significant degree?


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Gérard Chouin (professor of history and director of medieval and renaissance studies) is adamant that the medieval-era bubonic plague epidemic, the Black Death, spread to Sub-Saharan Africa and killed scores of people there as it did in Europe and the Mediterranean basin in the 14th century. More details in this link:https://docsbay.net/the-second-plague-pandemic-reach-subsaharan-africa

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