Here's a curious badge that I found somewhere years ago, but didn't know whom to ask.

russian badge backside of badge (click to enlarge)

Could someone please identify it? I learnt the Cyrillic script and tried googling it, but couldn't find anything.


which translates as "Archangelsk – Monument to Peter I."
(kudos for translation refinement to @Neith)

A similar medal is on ebay as:

enter image description here (click images for larger versions)
Commemorative Soviet medal “Arkhangelsk 1584 ”/ Peter the Great

Note that the city of Archangelsk was founded in 1584 under a different name but owes a lot of its importance to Peter.

The same iconic picture fo Peter is used here:

Banknote 500 rubles 2010 front

and it's based on this statue in the city at Severnoy Dviny Embankment | Voskresenskaya St., Arkhangelsk, Russia

enter image description here
Памятник Петру I в Архангельске

The text again leads us to the Russian Wikipedia page of Памятник Петру I (Архангельск)

Dating it

On an unreferenceable hunch I thought that the style would point to Soviet times. This pre-1991 date seems to be more probable if we look at the backside. As @Rompey draw attention in comments

on the back face of the badge is its price--10 copecks. You could buy ten boxes of matches for it or take two bus-rides in the Soviet Union.

As the price for this badge is listed in the metal, that is at the time of manufacturing not likely to change anytime soon, and that being a somewhat widespread practice in socialist countries, it seems ever more likely that another comment presents a more focussed date:

Most likely, this was manufactured in 1984, on the 400th anniversary of Archangelsk. Similar badges were made on other similar anniversaries.

(Better dating still possible. If you know something, write something ;)

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    Alright, that's settled then. Thanks for the surprisingly fast answer! – William R. Ebenezer May 17 '19 at 14:16
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    You're new here; this is just normal behavior for @langlangc. – MCW May 17 '19 at 14:35
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    “In remembrance of” would be “в память о”. The text on the badge is clearly two separate phrases: “Arkhangelsk” and “Monument to Peter I”. – Neith May 17 '19 at 17:37
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    @WilliamR.Ebenezer The exact badge is probably a souvenir, a travel trophy, sold at the museum? So a traveler (from Russia or from India, or…) might have transported it. Then there are collectors of these things. Garage sales and flea markets and the net. Hard to tell. –– But where does the info on India come from? That's not in the question. If you have info on provenance of an object, all relevant info should be in the question. (Generally. In this case, I probably can't offer more then the conjectures in this comment) – LаngLаngС May 18 '19 at 13:37
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    By the way, on the back face of the badge is its price--10 copecks. You could buy ten boxes of matches for it or take two bus-rides in the Soviet Union. – Lamplighter May 19 '19 at 7:59

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