Being a Bangladeshi, it has been difficult to know the Pakistani view of the Liberation War in 1971. What their exact goal was, how they intended to achieve this goal, what resources they had and how they justified the horrible atrocities that have been confirmed by the recent war tribunal in Bangladesh. Any resources, insights, links to pdf documents are welcome. This is for research purposes and I'm working on a deadline. Thanks in advance.


Pakistan can justify themselves by pointing to the fact, the Lahore Resolution, prior to the Partition of British India, only took in to consideration the seperation of Hindus and Muslims.


Pakistan and India

Prior to the Partition of British India, the Lahore Resolution initially envisaged separate Muslim-majority states in the eastern and northwestern zones of British India. A proposal for an independent United Bengal was mooted by Prime Minister Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy in 1946, but was opposed by the colonial authorities. The East Pakistan Renaissance Society advocated the creation of a sovereign state in eastern British India. Eventually, political negotiations led, in August 1947, to the official birth of two states, Pakistan and India,[23]

However, it did not take in to account, that 30% of the peoples in this new Pakistan, are actually East Bengalis, that speak Bengali, and not Urdu, and Pakistan is an Urdu speaking country.


Bengali is not Urdu

In 1948, Governor-General Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared that "Urdu, and only Urdu" would be the federal language of Pakistan.[35][36] However, Urdu was historically prevalent only in the north, central, and western region of the subcontinent; whereas in East Bengal, the native language was Bengali, one of the two most easterly branches of the Indo-European languages.[37]

To solve this problem. Rather than Pakistan admit that East Bengalis are not Pakistani, and award East Bengal with their own country, they instead decided to go to war with the Bengals, and they have been accused of attempting to Genocide the East Bengals.

Bangladesh Genocide

Liberation war

Pakistan were defeated and forced to give up East Pakistan to Bangladesh after India decided to join the war by allying themselves with the East Bengals.



India joined the war on 3 December 1971, after Pakistan launched preemptive air strikes on North India. The subsequent Indo-Pakistani War witnessed engagements on two war fronts. With air supremacy achieved in the eastern theatre and the rapid advance of the Allied Forces of Bangladesh and India, Pakistan surrendered in Dacca on 16 December 1971.

However, legally, the land did indeed belong to Pakistan. Therefore this should have all been sorted out in the Lahore resolution.

Why they only took different religious beliefs as being the main factor in what should define seperate identities, and not languages, is objectionable.

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