The screenshots are from 32:34. This scene portrays Lt Col Philip Robert Anstruther at the Battle of Bronkhorstspruit, played by Kerry Jordan.

I know this is a movie, but what rectangular object are my green arrows marking? If you watch the scene, you can see it swinging?

enter image description here

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    I couldn't find a photo for the uniform in 1880, but this looks like a document and maps case (like the one in familysearch.org/wiki/en/British_Military_Records#/media/…) and they looked like this in 1870: worthpoint.com/worthopedia/… – Carlos Martin Aug 12 '19 at 9:06
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    I too would suspect a map/despatch case. Difficult to tell, but not sure it's attached to his hand, which would be a bad idea in close combat, but to his uniform. – TheHonRose Aug 13 '19 at 0:39
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    It looks as though the props department had no idea either. Whatever it is, it's been slung dangerously low. Is Lt Col Anstruther going to shoot himself or stab himself when he next trips over it? – user22859 Aug 13 '19 at 5:56

It appears to be a document/map case, as noted in comments. The style changed over time, but was a staple of every officer's kit. I doubt very much that it is tied to the officer's hand. It is more likely slung over his shoulder, and he has grabbed it momentarily to keep it from swinging.

World Was Two style

enter image description here

World War Two style British officer's document & map case - interior

World War One style

World War One style British officer's document & map case - exterior

World War One style British officer's document & map case - interior

Other styles of map cases, of various eras, from Australia's Museums Victoria collections:

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It appears to be a sabretache.

enter image description here

The Royal Horse Artillery still use them for ceremonial events but whether they used them in the field during the Boer War I don't know. That also assumes this is meant to be an artillery officer. It is certainly only something a person who usually moves around on horseback would wear given how low to the ground it hangs.

I suspect this sabretache has been conflated with the dispatch/map pouch already mentioned as is a mistake by the costume department.

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