Can anybody identify the cap-badge and/or uniform in this image?

I'm hoping the period is c. 1899/1900 and should be UK based???

My searches to date have turned up a blank; but then I have no military background.

Robert Whinham CLARK

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    Do you have a photo showing the rest of the uniform? As this could allow somebody to identify service branch, company or department and then identify the badge more easily. – BOB Aug 19 at 12:49
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    Link. – Lucian Aug 19 at 13:43
  • @Lucian Good find, but no cap badge seems to correspond. The forage cap seems to denote a either: Indian Army Staff Corps, the Commissariat & Transport Corps, the Army Service Corps, the Ordnance Store Corps Army Ordnance Department, the Army Pay Department, the Army Veterinary Department or the Inspector of Army Schools. Hard to tell without the department colours in between the two bands. – BOB Aug 19 at 13:58
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    @LKB I think that the cap badge has a bent arm holding what looks like a tomahawk or axe, and surrounded by a laurel(?) branch. I suggest that it is connected with a unit of "pioneers" whose symbol was an axe to cut brush and trees and clear a bath for the army, or maybe an engineer's unit. – MAGolding Aug 19 at 20:15
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    The arm with hammer motif appears on the crest of the coat of arms of the city of Birmingham, and on the badge of the ship HMS Birmingham. Perhaps the cap badge is for some Birmingham-related organization, such as (wild conjecture) the Birmingham Rifle Volunteer Corps. – kimchi lover Aug 20 at 14:16

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