There is a doll automaton referenced in the legend of Perumthachan. It is shown in the movie. Does this legend indicate that the technology of automata was there in ancient India?

Inventions such as interlocking puzzles, architectural marvels, etc. have been attributed to this legendary character survive to today. Burr puzzle (Edakoodam) and Impossible Dovetail are some of the examples. How plausible is the Perumthachan automaton, considering the evidence for other inventions attributed to him? Can its historicity be determined?

Basically, the core question is whether there is any evidence that the automata were present in ancient India.

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    Quick comment - If there is no evidence of automata in pre-modern India, the question becomes an attempt to prove a negative. This becomes more complex if the historian does not take Perumthachan's automata as credible. In the end, an answer will be conclusive; absence of an answer is ambiguous (could indicate that there is no evidence of automata prior to Perumthachan's doll, or that there is no credible evidence of Perumthachan's doll). – Mark C. Wallace Aug 26 '19 at 11:51

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