What were the ways in which Roman law changed between under the rule of Justinian I (with his Corpus Juris Civilis and the rest of his Legal Order) and under the rule of Basil II?

I am interested in the principles and the basic Rules (basic Laws, Rights, Duties, Responsibilities). I am most interested in Administrative Law but as a second interest Civil law and Criminal/Penal as the last.

Here is more specific context. My question was not about the Justinian Code in itself but about an intertemporal comparison of Roman Law. That is why I asked the question in Law originally. It has been said in lectures in university that the Napoleonic and Romanic branches of Civil law are closer to the early Roman law and the Germanic branch is closer to the late Roman law. Is family law in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France more lenient than family law in Greece, Austria, Germany? Did Leo II not make Late Roman family law as relaxed as in early Rome? Particularly Divorce. What other differences are there?

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