Isn’t the extreme popularity of names like Lucius and Lucullus indicative of at least where some ancestors were from, maybe Lycia-I have long wondered if classical Romans had as common knowledge much about their origins that we don’t have-Could Virgil have been correctly using this common knowledge when he had Aeneas flee from Troy and come to Italy, with his descendants founding Rome?

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    Can you elaborate on why you believe Lucius or Lucullus are indcative of Lycia? Both names are traditionally believed to be derived from lux, meaning light. Also, Lycia is quite some distance from Troy. – Semaphore Oct 20 at 9:29
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    And what Lycia was to do with Troy. – John Dee Oct 20 at 13:04
  • Lycians were allies of Troy in the Iliad, and their territory includes a part of the coast of Turkey, south of where Troy stood on the coast of Turkey. So it’s reasonable to think that some Lycian family connections were made with Troy, such as royal intermarriages. Also, the Iliad mentions Achilles sacking a city south of Troy, suggesting the Achaens attacked other areas south of Troy. So it is also reasonable to wonder if peoples south of Troy fled with the Trojans from the Achaeans and had considerable kinship with them. – Richard Peterson Oct 20 at 21:26
  • Well, do we know the deeivation of Lycia? Maybe that had to do with light also. – Richard Peterson Oct 20 at 21:28
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    Lycia came from Greek lycus meaning wolf. Either way you'd just be looking for coincidences. – Semaphore Oct 21 at 4:03

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