I don't remember when I saw or heard this, where or in what form, but I either listened to the radio maybe 10-15 years ago, or watched it on TV around the same time. I think they were talking either about early forms of advertising, or shampoo ads, or something else entirely. The only memories I have left of this "occurrence" are the following:

  1. It was about a shower, or shampoo, soap, shower hats or something related to that.
  2. The year was somewhere in 1910-1935, most likely ~1925 or ~1930.
  3. I remember a black-and-white shower scene (not showing anything nude, of course), featuring a smiling young lady with short black hair, but I'm unsure if I really saw this with my eyes or just imagined it.
  4. I think it featured a soothing/relaxing/dreamy soundtrack of some sort, sounding very "watery" or "flowing".
  5. It was in English language and I'm 99% sure that it was in/from the USA.

I remember this short sequence and the feeling it evoked in me. For some reason, I found it really fascinating to see this early video commercial, and I wish I could again see it and read more about it.

Sorry for being so vague, but the things I want to re-discover the most are always the foggiest memories!

In this case, there's a pretty big chance that somebody will instantly know what I'm talking about. My guess is that it was something along the lines of the first shampoo/shower TV or cinema commercial ever. Probably cinema since TV had barely been invented back then...

Do you know what I'm talking about?


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