Fork handle showing maker's marksCan somebody help me identify this kitchen silver fork. Searching in internet, but not found anything...

  • Anything helpful here? silvercollection.it/englishsilverhallmarks.html – shoover Jan 8 at 21:42
  • Do you have any idea which country it's from? – called2voyage Jan 8 at 21:45
  • @shoover Looking there, but not find anything similar. – AnyMan Jan 8 at 21:49
  • @called2voyage No, i found it when throw out all unused tools from barn. – AnyMan Jan 8 at 21:50
  • @AnyMan Ok, I worried that may be the case. Could make it hard to pin down. – called2voyage Jan 8 at 21:50

I think I found. There

enter image description here

It's Alexander Kach. Looks similar to that, what I have.

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    Good find. Welcome to the site – Pieter Geerkens Jan 10 at 4:47
  • Looks like a match! By the way, you can accept your own answer. :) – called2voyage Jan 13 at 16:54
  • This puts the fork at no less than 100 years old, if the dates in that snippet are right! – called2voyage Jan 13 at 16:56

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