Is there any information about which bank the danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) used in Copenhagen?

I might think it is 'Sparekassen for Kjøbenhavn og Omegn', literally 'The Savings Bank for Copenhagen and Its Vicinity', which can be traced to the big nordic bank 'Nordea' in our time.

I can see that some of the board members of that bank were Jonas Collin and dr. theol. J. P. Mynster, and they have a relation to Kierkegaard. External link


At one time Søren Kierkegaard kept his money at the National Bank in a locked chest where one of his brothers-in-law worked, and his brother-in-law had the only key. It's not really clear if this was a bank account but it doesn't look like it (more a private arrangement).

The money was in packets and came from an inheritance. Kierkegaard did not want to invest it as he said it was against his religious convictions, according to a book called Encounters with Kierkegaard: A Life as Seen by His Contemporaries. From time to time, he came and took a packet. This happened between about 1844 and 1854.

Apart from this, I can't find anything else on his banking arrangements.

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