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It's a large tintype. He was in the 5th Infantry and the 16th Infantry. He joined the Army in 1858 and in 1869 then joined the Navy and was aboard the U.S.S. Lancaster until 1871. (Ignore the 1858 date on the first photo).

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    I could be wrong but that looks like a Model 1840 dragoon sabre. The branch insignia on the hat looks to be infantry (possibly artillery.)
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Top image he's wearing the 1859 regulation marine corps dress uniform with horstmann epaulettes which was used into the 1870s. Bottom is a cavalry uniform with the mounted service jacket. The style and cut of his cavalry uniform dates it to the late 1860s when that specific image was made.

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I would suggest that the upper photo is of a sergeant, probably artillery, of a state militia unit. Frock coats of regular USA enlisted men of the period were single breasted not double.

And the lower photo appears to be a light artillery uniform circa the US Civil War. Neither appear to be infantry uniforms, either regular or militia.


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