The wikipedia article on the Continental Army suggests that "The army never numbered more than 17,000 men." but also lists a number of 80,000 as the peak size. The former number refers specifically to those enlisted for the federal army. Presumably the latter number includes the state militias, giving a value of about 63,000 state vs 17,000 federal, but this logic seems a bit tenuous.

What were the proportions of the Continental Army federal enlisted troops to state militia? Preferably with reliable sources.

  • 'the Continental Army size was actually 100,000, not counting the militia. “Probably twice that number soldiered as militiamen, for the most part defending the home front, functioning as a police force, and occasionally engaging in enemy surveillance” in addition to supplementing the Continental Army for stretches.' from observer.com/2017/07/soldiers-militia-american-revolution and another good source with a breakdown of the conn. militia units is here - allthingsliberty.com/2016/07/connecticut-militia-1739-1783 using that information you can extrapolate for the whole USA. – ed.hank Mar 12 '20 at 15:28

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