I am researching whether Duleep Singh had daughters or grand-daughters born between 1900 and 1910.

Even if they are illegitimate (his children had no legitimate children)

From what I understand, when British conquered Kingdom of Punjab, Duleep Singh was sent to live in England. Queen Victoria was Godmother to several of his children.

What I found so far:

Children By Bamba Müller:

  1. Prince Victor Albert Jay Duleep Singh, died without legitimate children
  2. Frederick Duleep Singh, claimed he had illegitimate son, nothing about daughters.
  3. Bamba Sutherland, nothing about her having children
  4. Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh, born 1871, wasn't married, no children
  5. Sophia Duleep Singh, born 1876, no children
  6. Albert Edward Alexander Duleep Singh, died at age 13

Children By Ada Wetherill:

  1. Princess Pauline Alexandra, born in 1887, her life and whereabouts possibly discovered. Nothing about her having any daughter

  2. Princess Ada Irene Beryl, born 1889, only found she died at age 36, no mention of having daughter

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