I'm seeking occurrences in history where people or organizations did some activity, but witnesses who would speak about the activity, would be considered insane, because of the unlikely nature of the event. Because of this 'deterrent effect', the activity could be continued.

It can be crimes or another event that fits the description. The term 'activity' can be interpreted freely. It can also be a 'cover up' from the organization, in the sense that people 'act as if'. People can be dressed or act in a way that deters them to report an accompanying event. In that way, the accompanying activity isn't reported because of the 'cover up'.

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    Happens every day ... – user43870 May 19 at 14:18
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    Presumably, in order to know this happened, someone would need to be deterred from reporting the event but not deterred from reporting their failure to report the event. – Steve Bird May 19 at 15:45
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What if I told you that a US court held that a police officer cannot be held responsible for stealing from a suspect during a search?

Let me rephrase: Alice claims that Officer Bob stole $100k from her during a search. Bob answers: I cannot be held responsible for stealing from a suspect (he makes no comments about the veracity of Alice's claim). A US Court agrees.

Would you believer me? Would you think I am crazy? Or maybe repeating some sort of anti-American propaganda?

Please take a look at

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