The images below appear to be an official copy of the 1849 Proclamation to the People of California announcing the formation of a Constitution. It is signed by Secretary of State Captain H.W. Halleck (his signature can be compared with his signature on this letter that he wrote to William Hartnell). How would this proclamation have been communicated to all the people in California? (There is a Spanish version also here - page 1 and here - page 2).

Proclamation Page 1

Proclamation Page 2

The above documents form part of the Vallejo Family Papers Collection reference BANC MSS C-B 441 at The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

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Territory Governor Riley, who had summoned the constitutional convention, had 1,000 English and 250 Spanish copied printed "post-haste" and distributed around the state. In addition, many of the convention delegates themselves stood for the election just 4 weeks later, by their campaigning further promulgating news and description of the pending constitution.

Within a few days (it is claimed) of the signing, "the constitution was carried to every mining camp and rancho in the land."

To wit, Bancroft's massive History of California, Vol. VI. 1848-1859, (pp 305) notes:

enter image description here

enter image description here


It was published at least twice in the newspaper Alta California, on November 1 and November 8. It may have appeared in other newspapers as well, but this was what I was able to find with a quick search.

enter image description here

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