I wanted to know if the 1st Marine Division used the M3 infrared sniper carbine on Okinawa during World War II.

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    Sniper rifles aren't distributed to "units", they are assigned to the "designated snipers" in many units. Given the very high casualties believed to have been inflicted by these weapons relative to their very small number (only about 150), they must have been widely distributed. – Pieter Geerkens Jul 18 at 23:34
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    Ask the question you want answered - and edit it into the question as questions must stand independent of their comments. – Pieter Geerkens Jul 18 at 23:36
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Was the M3 carbine used on Okinawa? Yes, as the T3 carbine with the T120 sniperscope. They would later be classified as the M3 carbine with the M1 sniperscope.

T3 Carbine with M2 sniperscope

[Note: pictured is a T3 carbine with an M2 sniperscope]

While it had a scope, it wasn't a sniper weapon. The infrared scope had an effective range of about 70 meters which matched well with the short range of the M1 carbine it was derived from. The M3 was primarily used to great effect to defend against Japanese nighttime infiltration.

Was the 1st Marine Division issued any T3/T120s? I don't know, but I doubt it. It was an Army project and only about 150 were on Okinawa. I doubt they gave any to the Marines.


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    I have a reference book on order to see if it has any further information. – Schwern Jul 19 at 6:57
  • Sorry, it turned out to have no further information. – Schwern Jul 31 at 17:29

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