I remember watching a video on a pre-industrial battle (maybe even pre musket, but not sure) on a unique battle technique. Cavalry was involved, as well as slingshot and infantry. For some reason my mind is associating it with Napoleon, but I could be wrong. I drew a few pictures to give you an idea.

The basic formation was like such: enter image description here

The RED army had cavalry and foot solders. The goal is to split the WHITE army in two to more easily defeat it, so the RED army pulls half the WHITE army to the left simply by moving leftward:

enter image description here

During the entire time the RED army is moving his cavalry, behind the cavalry units are solders on foot using slingshots to attack/annoy the WHITE army. As you can see, the WHITE army is tricked, and I think that the WHITE has little cavalry that follows RED, which means the bulk of WHITE are on foot and slower. The next step is the genius part:

enter image description here

The RED army uses the speed of it's cavalry to backtrack and destroy the stationary units of the WHITE army. Meanwhile, the RED army's foot soldiers that were behind the cavalry keep the leftward WHITE units busy (and I think because the WHITE are on foot they can't keep pace with the RED if they wanted to).

I remember that this is was considered on of the greatest battles moves according to the narrator.

Do you have any idea what battle this is?


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