Tullia was the daughter of the great Roman politician Cicero. She had a few marriages and according to English Wikipedia she had two sons, the first one of which died the same year it was born. Tullia gave birth to the second son in 45 BC, who survived. The English Wikipedia doesn't say anything more about that.

Do we know anything more about her second son (name, what happened etc)? Since Cicero lived two years longer than Tullia, one would assume that Cicero would have said something about the grandson in his letters, but that's maybe a longshot.

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    For the name, he was called Lentulus, after his father adoptive name. Source: Letters to Atticus 12.28.3 "And I should like you some time or other, when convenient to yourself, to see young Lentulus, and assign to his service such of the slaves as you may think right". Cicero calls him only "his grandson" in Ibid. 12.18a. – Carlos Martin Jul 26 at 14:51
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    According to Wikipedia's Tullia gens, the 2nd son (Lentulus) probably died in childhood. This article on JSTOR says Lentulus "could not have survived his mother long" but offers no reason or details for this deduction (hence this comment rather than an answer). – Lars Bosteen Jul 26 at 14:51
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    @CarlosMartin alright, thank you! – Casimir Rönnlöf Jul 26 at 15:56
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    @LarsBosteen thank you for the links, so I can read more! – Casimir Rönnlöf Jul 26 at 15:56

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